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Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired? It's Not Your Fault that 92% of Gluten-Free Diets Fail...

Renegade Houston Doctor Reveals the REAL Reason Why Gluten is STILL Destroying Your Health and Keeping You Fat, Bloated, Tired, and in Pain

Discover the Breakthrough Plan that Will Vaporize the Toxic Effects of Gluten from Your Body While Dramatically Increasing Your Energy and Slashing Your Belly Fat by 10-20 Pounds

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Dear Frustrated Eater,

Have you gone gluten free but still suffer with unresolved health, bloating, and fatigue issues?

Are you tired of being told that your health condition cannot be helped unless you take toxic medication?

If you’ve gone “gluten free” and have eliminated wheat, barley, and rye, out of your diet and still can’t seem to lose the unwanted weight and feel better and more energetic no matter how hard you try, then I have shocking news for you… you still may be taking in gluten in your diet and you don’t even know it.

Listen, if your doctor or nutritionist is telling you that it is safe to shop the gluten free aisle at the grocery store then they are unknowingly misleading you.

It’s not your fault.

See most ‘experts” don’t know the difference between traditional gluten free and TRUE gluten free.

But in this tell all letter I’ll reveal the TRUTH about living gluten free and show you why you may be suffering from gluten related ailments even though you may think you’ve gone totally gluten free.

Most people who go traditional gluten free and are still experiencing health issues like bloating, fatigue and just can’t seem to lose the excess fat believe that their issues are unrelated to gluten. The hard truth is that they are still consuming foods that have hidden gluten that’s causing them to unnecessarily suffer.

Traditional Gluten Free Diets Don't Work!

Yes that's right, traditional or commercial gluten free diets are not the end all be all answer to restoring your health.


  • Bouillon cubes
  • Candy may be dusted with wheat flour
  • Canned soups
  • Cheese spreads & other processed cheese foods
  • Chocolate – Check if contains malt flavoring
  • Cold cuts, Wieners, Sausages – may have gluten due to cereal fillers
  • Dip mixes
  • Dry sauce mixes
  • Dry roasted nuts & honey roasted nuts
  • French fries or other fried foods in restaurants
  • Gravies – check out thickening agent and liquid base
  • Honey Baked Hams™ - based with wheat starch in coating
  • Some Ice Creams & Frozen Yogurts
  • Instant Teas & Coffees – cereal product may be included in the formulation
  • Lip Balms and lipsticks
  • Mayonnaise – check ingredients that are used as thickeners
  • Sour cream – May contain modified food starch of indeterminate source
  • Some Toothpastes
  • Bouillon cubes
  • Candy may be dusted with wheat flour
  • Canned soups
  • ETC

As a matter of fact, multiple research studies have proven this time and time again as many as 92% of patients following a traditional gluten free diet don't get better because they are still unknowingly taking in gluten.

Hi, my name is Dr. Peter Osborne, medical advisor for Gluten Free Society, the premier source for gluten free information in the world. I have been featured in Reuters, on Fox News, numerous radio programs across the country, and am considered by many to be one of the world's leading authorities of gluten and food allergies.

What I'm about to reveal to you is a new medical breakthrough that's going to change the way you think about gluten FOREVER, and it's going to help you feel a heck of a lot better...starting today.

This remarkable discovery was an eye-opener for me both personally and professionally.

Watch Dr. Osborne interviewed on Fox News
I've helped thousands of patients with serious health problems. In fact, the majority of these people were so confused about the gluten free diet, that their lack of knowledge was the main factor preventing them from improving their health.

Over the years I’ve personally seen patients who where suffering from headaches, poor memory, brain fog, fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome, depression, gas, bloating, inability to lose weight, swelling and water retention, joint pain, muscle pain, indigestion, and heart burn win their health back and beat the fight against weight gain by simply following a TRUE GLUTEN FREE DIET that I’ve prescribed them.

Let me go back a bit and tell you how all this came to be.

Back in 2000, I was an intern rotating through the V.A. hospital. We saw patient after patient with severe autoimmune disease. The medical solution was always multiple doses of very toxic medications.

The patients never got better. Our attending physician told us that unfortunately, there was not a lot that could be done to help these patients. It was at this point that I asked ... "Why don't we try something else?"

You see, my line of thought was, if the medications didn't help or cure the patients, why continue to prescribe them. Especially considering that the drug side effects were just as bad as the symptoms of the diseases we were treating.

It was at this point that I began burning the midnight oil in the Jesse Jones Medical Library scouring through medical texts and journals to find better answers. I was completely jaw dropped by what I found. I uncovered thousands of hidden treasure research studies on the impact that food has on disease.

I am not talking about Men's Health or Reader's Digest type magazines with stories about diet and health. I am talking about major peer reviewed medical journals like New England Journal of Medicine, Journal of the American Medical Association, Lancet... and more.

I found study after study linking food allergies, intolerances, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and poor lifestyle choices to disease after disease. This is when it all come together for me.

It was one of those “A-ha!” moments you always hear about! You know, when the light bulb over your head turns on.

It was at that moment that I realized what I had to do. The hospital would not even consider the possibility that diet was related to health and disease. I left the hospital setting and spent the next 12 months compiling my research and developing treatment protocols.

Over the next several years, I refined my patient protocols. The outcomes for my patients got better and better. Medications became unnecessary as their health improved. Weight loss came much easier, energy levels improved, gastric symptoms disappeared. The knowledge I shared with them gave them the power to be in charge of their own health.

My successes have led to a long waiting list for patients to get in to see me. This is frustrating because as a doctor I want to help as many people as possible. Unfortunately, there are only so many hours in a day. That is why I have turned to the internet. I can reach and help so many more people with this wonderful tool.

Years of clinical trial and error have put me in a position to help put you on the fast track to restoring your health. Following my protocols will help put you on a path to:

Better energy
Enhanced weight loss
Improved digestion
No more chronic gas and bloating
Reduced muscle and joint pain
Hormone rebalancing
And so much more...

Being a doctor is so much more rewarding when you can give people the knowledge to restore their health instead of making them dependent on medical treatments.

And that is why I want to give you the health restoring Gluten Free Diet Solution Program. So you can take control of your health instead of being a victim of your condition.

You will get instant access to...

The Gluten Free Diet Solution Manual and all of the health restoring information it contains including:

Gluten 101 Basics
Knowing what gluten is and where it is found is crucial to maintaining the right diet. Much of what you read and hear about gluten is misleading and confusing. This guide teaches you the ins and outs of gluten sensitivity and the major difference between traditional and TRUE gluten free diets. You will learn the difference between gluten intolerance and celiac disease, and why many foods labeled gluten free can still damage your body. The basics also includes the most comprehensive list of hidden gluten you will ever find.

How to determine your level of gluten sensitivity
This section teaches you why so many lab tests used by doctors to identify gluten sensitivity are flawed. You will get access to cutting edge scientific information on how to properly get tested for gluten. Additionally, you will get my gluten sensitivity self test.

The Gluten Free Diet Essentials
Knowing where to start can be a blessing. Most nutritional information on the news, radio, TV, and internet is misleading at best. Add to that the fact that doctors are not taught nutrition in medical school! The predicament is that the blind are leading the blind. This section takes you through nutritional basics. The information in this chapter will give you guru status and empower you to take back your health.

The Gluten Free Diet Secret Weapons
Ever wonder why some people improve faster than others? This section will teach you about the secret weapon supplements that I use to help speed up your recovery and get you on a faster track to weight loss, improved energy, and health restoration.

Gluten Free Diet Quick Start Guide
Want to see results fast? This quick start guide will have you on the right track today. The information will get you the background knowledge you need to jump start the program for rapid results.

Gluten Free Guide to Eating on a Budget
One of the biggest complaints about following a gluten free diet is the cost. This chapter will arm you with all of the secrets of the health and budget conscious consumer. Where to shop, how to find food that tastes good without breaking your wallet, and much more.

The Gluten Free Diet Solution While Traveling
Traveling and maintaining a gluten free diet can be a challenge. Many people travel frequently for their jobs. Often times we don't have the luxury of a Whole Foods Market when we are on the road. This tutorial will teach you how to prepare and plan ahead for the most challenging situations.

The Gluten Free Substitute Cheat Menu
What can I eat in place of my sandwich? This section goes through all of the most common substitutes, cooking tips, and foods that can be used to help you maintain a gluten free diet and still eat food that tastes good. No one is perfect. This section teaches you how to substitute the right foods to satisfy even the strongest of cravings (including cookies and pizza).

Restaurant Guide to Gluten Free Meals
Travel a lot? This comprehensive guide to common restaurant items will help you stay gluten free during travel, social events, family outings, and more.

Here's What You're Going To Learn With My Gluten Free Diet Solution:

How to go 100% TRUE Gluten Free
Why foods labeled "gluten free" can still make you sick
The biggest mistakes people make to wreck their health
How to find and prepare TRUE gluten free food that actually tastes good
How to restore your health and feel better than you ever have...Guaranteed!
What additional lab tests you can use to customize your diet to your genetics

The Gluten Free Diet Solution Program

The Gluten Free Diet Solution Will Give You Instant Access To:

Your quick start guide to restoring your health so that you can live a fuller, healthier,
happier life.

More than 100 easy to fix TRUE gluten free recipes so you never have to worry
about what you’re going to eat.

The gluten free restaurant guide to dining out to take all the guess work out of
eating out at a restaurant.

The secret arsenal of supplements that can accelerate your journey to good health.

The most comprehensive list of hidden gluten items ever comprised so that you
can have Total control and peace of mind that you are truly gluten free.

The sneaky terms used by manufacturers to hide gluten from you.

Healthy food source links and investigations into foods labeled gluten free to arm
yourself with the most cutting edge research and knowledge to take control of your
weight, health, and overall well being. 

The gluten free substitute cheat menu so that you NEVER feel like you’re missing
out on your favorite foods.

BONUS: 50 more truly gluten free recipes for grilling, holidays, and desserts

And much, much more…

Friend, I'm in a position to do something for you that no other person can... I'm going to give you my clinical blueprints to help you restore and maintain your health and vitality ... just like I've done for myself and for thousands of others.

You get access to everything for only $29.95. Best of all you get the entire program instantly in easy to download manuals which you can access online from your mobile phone, iPad, or personal computer. You don't have to wait for shipping. Just click, buy and start your journey away from disease and back to health ... instantly.

This is just my way of starting our relationship off on the right foot.

For only $29.95, for less than a trip to the doctor's office, you get all of my PROVEN and TESTED health restoring strategies instantly.

Stop wasting your valuable time and effort trying out dead end supplements, medications, and fad diets that fail to produce results. Order The Gluten Free Diet Solution Now, before your health takes another beating. Click here to order now >>

Frequently Asked Questions…

Question: Is a gluten free diet difficult to follow?

Answer: Not at all. In fact you have many choices when it comes to living gluten free. The “problem” for most people these days is that they don’t know which foods to eat and which to avoid. My Gluten Free Diet Solution Program makes it easy for you to live gluten free, make better choices and regain your health.

Question: I’ve tried losing the last 10 pounds from around my waistline and just can’t seem to lose the fat no matter what diet or workout program I try. Can going gluten free really help?

Answer: Yes, as a matter of fact many of my patients of easily dropped the stubborn last five to fifteen pounds once they adopted a gluten free diet. The reason for this is because of the bloating effect and glycogen to fat conversion process that takes place in people who are sensitive to gluten.

Question: Once I start the Gluten Free Diet Solution program how long will it take for me to see and feel the results?

Answer: Results come relatively fast…Typically within the first 72 hours most people experience a two to three pound weight loss due to reduction of bloating. Within a week to ten days you’ll begin to feel better, have more energy and continue to lose the unwanted fat and bloat until you achieve your ideal healthy weight.

Question: Will I have to do a lot of cooking and food preparation at home for a gluten free diet?

Answer: Actually you won’t do any more cooking or food prep then you do today. One of the biggest misconceptions is that gluten free living means diet restriction and lots of food preparation time. The truth is you’re simply going to be a better decision maker, shopper and eater.

Question: Can older adults benefit from a gluten free diet?

Answer: Yes indeed. In fact one big benefit that older adults will appreciate is improved digestion, reduced joint pain and irritation and more energy.

Question: What if the Gluten Free Diet Solution program is not right for me?

Answer: I want you to be 100% comfortable in purchasing my Gluten Free Diet Solution program. So if for any reason you decide that it’s not right for you, you’re protected by my eight week unconditional money back guarantee. Try the program out for up to eight weeks and if you don’t feel better, drop the stubborn fat and bloating and have more energy then just let me know any time during your first eight weeks and we’ll issue a full refund – no questions asked. Fair enough?

Committed to your health,

Dr. Peter Osborne
Medical Advisor, Gluten-Free Society
America's #1 Authority on Gluten-Free Diets

PS. Listen ... two months from now you could still be suffering from the same health problems, or you can be on your way to restoring and maintaining your health and vitality. You decide. You have nothing to lose, because a full 60-day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE protects you. Click HERE to get started on your Gluten Free Health Solution today.

P.P.S. 92% of so-called Gluten-Free diets are NOT gluten-free. The diet industry is lying to you. You now have the first and only TRUE gluten-free diet that will help eliminate the toxic effects of gluten while helping you lose 10-20 pounds of belly fat in just a few short weeks. You can finally have relief from the harmful effects of gluten. Click HERE to get started on your Gluten Free Health Solution today.

NOTE: The Gluten Free Solution is a downloadable e-book. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the e-book and all the bonus reports onto your computer. The e-book format is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.


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